This COVID-19 Situation is something I am taking incredibly serious inside of my salon.

I absolutely do not want my clients to fear showing up to a breeding ground for this deadly virus.

The state of Colorado and DORA have mandated that all clients provide and wear a cloth face mask inside of the salon and for the entire duration of the haircut.

Here are the following measures that I have in place regarding operating my salon during the

COVID-19 crisis.

All appointments will be scheduled for a full hour to allow plenty of time after each haircut to properly sanitize the salon and remove any overlapping of clients. 

Each client will be draped in a fully sanitized cape, there will be absolutely no reusing of any drapery or instruments without full sanitation.

Every used cape will be placed in a sealed container to be sanitized at the end of each day.

All haircuts will require prepayment to eliminate for the use of card readers, payment terminals or currency exchange.

I will no longer be accepting tips of any kind.

All combs used will be placed in a sealed container of barbicide solution as per proper sanitation practice

There will be no use of a hair dryer in the salon to eliminate the potential airborne particles from spreading to walls, windows, mirrors or tools or any areas of contact by myself of by the client.

After every haircut, absolutely all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with OSHA recommended cleaning chemicals. (Bleach And barbicide)

All clients will have their temperature checked (Forehead). Any clients with a temperature will be asked to reschedule no sooner than 14 days out.

Only one client at a time will be allowed inside of the Sola Salon building. No guests will be allowed to accompany the client at any time inside of the sola salon building.

 I myself will be wearing a N95 mask for all durations that I am inside of Sola Salons building, as well as following above and beyond any and all hand washing practises that have been set forth.

I personally am a serious germaphobe, so you can count on me taking above and beyond any rational precaution into keeping myself and yourself safe.


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