In 2011 I received the best haircut of my life, it was by Dustin David, one of the lead stylists for the New York and Paris' fashion weeks.
I had never felt so good about myself than when I got this haircut. It cost me $250 for the haircut, but to me as a broke highschool student, it was worth every penny.
This haircut changed everything, I felt like I could conquer the world.
To some, this may sound absurd, to others, this may be what you're looking for, and to me, this is something I try each and every day to do for others. 
This is the fuel that I work on, replicating this feeling in others.
This passion to make others feel the way I did from that haircut is what I believe has led me to the success and awards I've achieved.
To me, not one haircut is about technicality, precession, or any level of which another stylist or barber can judge me on.
Each haircut for me is about getting you to feel the way I did when I got the best haircut of my life.



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